Privacy Policy and Cookies

Privacy Policy Upon reservation or inquiry through the websites (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”) of the Aoi Corporation, users are required to input their personal information, and the information will be stored at our database. The Company will use the registered information for the offer of high-quality services. 1. Collection of personal information On this Site, before proceeding to application procedures, users shall register relevant personal information. 2. Use of personal information The Company may use the registered personal information for the following purposes: (1) Administrative purposes Administrative purposes, including reservation, delivery of relevant documents, and replies to inquiry. (2) Delivery of online magazines/newsletters For those who opt for the delivery of newsletters via emails or apply for online magazines, the Company may announce events and stay plans through online newsletters or magazines. Users may opt out this service or change registered information anytime themselves. (3) Other notification The Company may contact customers via email, phone, or letters, if this is judged to be necessary. 3. Management of personal information The Company shall appropriately manage personal information to prevent leakage, loss, or damage. Customers’ personal information shall not be disclosed or provided to the third party, unless in case of any of the following events. Incidentally, if the Company uses personal information with its business partners or provides it for its outsources, it shall not be deemed as the disclosure to the third party. (1) If customers agree to disclose the information (2) If the public authorities, such as the police or courts, order the disclosure or supply of information based on laws (3) When the disclosure of information is necessary for the protection of human lives, physical safety, or personal assets, but it is difficult to get customers’ consent (4) If the Company shall cooperate with administrative procedures of the public authorities, but consultation with customers for their consent may hinder the execution of the administrative procedures in question (5) Upon the disclosure of information, if customers are notified of the following information in advance, or if customers are put in the situation where they may know the following information easily, or if the disclosure of information to the third party is suspended based on customers’ request: i. The collection of information is aimed for disclosure to the third party ii. Items of personal information data to be disclosed to the third party iii. Measures or procedures of providing personal information for the third party iv. The disclosure of personal information, by which customers can be identified, is suspended based on customers’ request (6) If the Company discloses or provides information as anonymous information, such as statistical data 4. Use as statistical information The Company may use information about the users of this Site as anonymous statistical data (information that can identify users is excluded). These data may be used for various marketing activities, but shall not be used for other purposes. 5. Use of cookie This Site introduces a cookie (technology that can identify customers’ activities on their computers). The cookie may be disabled by rearranging the browser. Note that, however, part of the services of this Site may not be used as a result. 6. Record of access log On this Site, the access log of users shall be recorded. Access log includes user’s domain, IP address, browser types, access date, and links. However, information that can identify users is not included. The Company may use access log for the maintenance of this Site or for the statistic analyses of usage of this Site, but shall not use it for other purposes. 7. Revision of private policy In case of significant change to the content of the private policy, the revised private policy shall be announced on this Site. Other change shall be checked on the latest updated information on this Site, as needed. The Company shall not be liable for any troubles and damages that users suffer because of failure to check the latest information.